Mahalle OmU


"The Neighborhood" takes place in present day, in a poor neighborhood with a high real-estate value in Istanbul... A poor neighborhood surrounded by gardens, flowers and trees... One side facing the Bosphorus, while the other facing the bright lights of the skyscrapers... A giant construction company, international funding institutions, their collaborators, all with an appetite for the value of this neighborhood, ready to do anything to seize it... Determined struggles of the young of the neighborhood, foreseeing the dangers ahead and putting all effort to mobilize the neighborhood. And a love story in the middle of all of this: Rüstem and Asli. For Asli, her wedding has been the most important thing; but as the day approaches, she would have never guessed how things would turn out. This is a story of creativity. Of the children of the people who don't only talk, but keep seeking extraordinary means to solve problems. "The Neighborhood" is a story of love and struggle, amidst suspicious deaths, big money games, and a drug epidemic...

Land: | Start: 19.05.2022 | Laufzeit: 120 Minuten | Prädikat: keines | Genre: Drama

Regie: Director: Inan Altin

Darsteller: Melek Tanker, Izzet Baslak, Serdar Orçin

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